Sunday, December 21, 2014

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 40

Sunday, December 21 - Adopt a family for Christmas!! It was a family of three from Greenfield. A mom, dad, and 7 year old son. My sister bought for the mom, and we bought for the dad and son. We are so lucky to have the means to do this.

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 39

Saturday, December 20 - Donated handprint kits to a local hospital.

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 38

Friday, December 19 - Donated some crayons and coloring books to a hospital waiting room.

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 37

Thursday, December 18 - Donated some school supplies to the school. As a bonus, my daughter, Megan, learned what a "gross" is.

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 36

Wednesday, December 17 - I called the supervisor of a colleague from another firm and told him what a great job this colleague has done and how much we appreciated it.

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 35

Tuesday, December 16 - Left diapers and wipes at a public changing table.

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 34

Monday, December 15 - I just walked around the circle and complimented 3 strangers. I was really dreading this one, but it turned out to be fun. Especially seeing their faces light up.

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 33

Sunday, December 14 - Gave flowers to someone.

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 32

Saturday, December 13 - Made supper for a family with a new baby. Chicken Pot Pie. Mmmmm.

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 31

Friday, December 12 - Gave an group of folks a $25 coupon to our favorite restaurant. They were already there dining.

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 30

Thursday, December 11 - Opened and held the door for someone. Good deeds can be small, everyday gestures.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 29

Wednesday, December 10 - Write a poem for someone.

Lisa is my friend 
on whom so many depend.
There are so many things she knows about.
She is a beauty inside and out.
I hope she knows how much we love her here at work.
Without her I think we would go berserk.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 28

Tuesday, December 9 - Wrote a recommendation letter for a friend who is looking for a job.

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 27

Monday, December 8 - Gave someone a couple lottery tickets.  I hope she won something!

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 26

Sunday, December 7 - Picked up trash along Ohio Street downtown.

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 25

Saturday, December 6 - Made some homemade Christmas cards.  Megan and I made a couple for the sick little Addie we saw on FaceBook and some for Grandparents.  It was a fun thing to do together.

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 24

Friday, December 5 - Called someone lonely. I chatted with my Grandma for about a hour. My Grandpa is in the nursing home so my Grandma has been pretty lonely in the evenings when she gets home from visiting him all day.  She told me some good news - my Grandpa is doing well with his rehab and they think maybe he can come home by Christmas!!

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 23

Thursday, December 4 - Taped a bag of change to the vending machine.

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 22

Wednesday, December 3 - Sanitized my coworkers' desks while they were at lunch.  This was good timing since there is some kind of cold starting to go around.

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 21

Tuesday, December 2 - Made a clothing donation.

This was an easy one for me since my kids are growing so fast.

Monday, December 01, 2014

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 20

Monday, December 1 - Write a thank you note to a teacher

I wrote a note to one teacher who really helped both my kids. Thank goodness she was brave enough to tell us what we needed to hear.

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 19

Sunday, November 30 - Watch someone's kids.

I watched my nieces so my sister and brother-in-law could go to the Colts game. My nieces are too cute for words.  I didn't take any pictures. I guess we were too busy to think of it. Whoops.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 18

Saturday, November 29 - Write and send 5 thank you notes.

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 17

Friday, November 29 - Donate to a Salvation Army red kettle

Thursday, November 27, 2014

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 16

Thursday, November 27 - Donate to

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a great day with family and friends counting our blessings. I hope you did too.

For today's good deed I donated to .

Pajama Program is a national 501(c)3 organization that provides new pajamas and books to children in need, many waiting and hoping to be adopted. The organization recently launched the nationwide One Million Good Nights initiative to collect one million new pajamas and books for children in need by the end 2015. Snuggling up in cozy new pajamas with their very own new book gives these children a secure and nurturing ‘Good Night’ at bedtime. You can help by joining our campaign to deliver One Million Good Nights to children who need them most.

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 15

Wednesday, November 26 - Leave an extra big tip.

Nate and I had supper at the local watering hole here in New Pal called 'Round the Corner Pub. We left a 100% tip in cash for our waitress, wrote a short "Happy Holidays" note and snuck out the door before she found it.  I didn't take a picture of our bill, didn't think that would be very cool.  But it was fun.

If you're ever hungry while in the New Pal area, 'Round the Corner Pub is pretty tasty. 4.5 stars on Yelp. Kids are welcome too.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

40 Days of Good Deeds - Day 14

Tuesday, November 25 - Donate a gently used coat and hand warmers to a homeless shelter.

In the Indy area, Wheeler Mission has mini-barns in certain church parking lots to collect donations.

You can find the locations here: